Blog2004 ≫ Franz Ferdinand

PopEx ticket selling thing seems to be back on track now, got a big bundle of Franz Ferdinand dates, they're hot this year:

+Queen Margarets Union, Glasgow, Lanarkshire (Mon 12 Apr 21:00) [url=" TARGET="_new][info / details][/url]+Carling Academy Liverpool, Liverpool, Merseyside (Thu 15 Apr 21:00) [url=" TARGET="_new][info / details][/url]+Carling Academy 2, Birmingham, West Midlands (Wed 21 Apr 21:00) [url=" TARGET="_new][info / details][/url]+Concorde 2, Brighton, East Sussex (Mon 26 Apr 21:00) [url=" TARGET="_new][info / details][/url]+Manchester University, Manchester (Fri 30 Apr 21:00) [url=" TARGET="_new][info / details][/url]+London Astoria (Wed 5 May 21:00)

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