Free Jim Bob CD

Free Jim Bob CD

Jim Bob is touring in October, and there's free CD's to be had each night... the first 10 people to visit the t-shirt stall each night will receive a free copy of "Acoustic Party 7", featuring solo acoustic versions of:

+Candy Floss +Carry On Alone +Sealed With a Glasgow Kiss +When You Were My Woman +Cinderella Reversed +Every Time a Church Bell Rings +A Bad Day

And those dates are:

+Jim Bob @ Birmingham Glee Club (Thu 16 Oct)

If you'd like to know when Jim Bob tickets become available click here if you're a popex member or join up here (it's free), pick Jim Bob as your favourite band and say "yes" to the gig mail... Then you'll receive a mail as soon as tickets go on sale.

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Wed Sep 24 2003

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