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Can't decide if Google is being knocked here, even very gently, or just bloggers... it's a bit of a non story and not strictly accurate, in my case anyway. I mostly set this blog up to make a bit of money by advertising, as well as to remind me of stuff. Also while most ads are annoying, and they flash and move and (in the case of the new ads on popex) make a noise, these Google adsense jobs are quiet, sedate, and usually relevant.

Off to the Science Museum1 in a bit for the Lord of the Rings2 exhibition. Did 10k on the bike this morning, have no hangover despite having too many in the Queens and the Lock last night, and am feeling generally pretty damn good...

Listening to the stellastar3 album "advance" right now, it's aces, a bit like Pulp3, a bit like The Wedding Present3, but then there are long bassy Peter Hook-Tastic3 instrumental bits too, fantastic stuff, your new favourite band.

10k: Ten km, about six miles in old money. Sometimes talking about 10,000 steps though, an arbitrary daily step-count target.

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