PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Who's the Daddy in November?

Carter USM, that's who...

After the success of the previous two musical bouts comes "Whos The Daddy Now? 3". The one where ex Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine pals Jim Bob and Fruitbat slug it out on stage with their new bands (Jim's Super Stereoworld and Abdoujaparov) to see whos the best. Also on the bill will be the Invisibles, but hold onat the end of the evening all three bands will pile back on stage for some Carter cover versions.

Whos The Daddy Now? are the ultimate in tribute bands, the only tribute band in the world in fact with all the original members from the band theyre paying tribute to..

Peterborough Met Lounge (November 5th) Leicester Charlotte (6th) Harlow Square (7th) Glasgow King Tut's (8th) Dundee Westport (9th) Newcastle Trillians (10th) Liverpool Cavern (11th) York Fibbers (12th) Leeds New Roscoe (13th) Worcester Marrs Bar (14th) London Mean Fiddler (15th)

An album recorded live at WTDN1 and WTDN2 will be available at the gigs and also from the website http://www.whosthedaddynow.co.uk

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