Miscellanous ≫ Miscellanous

Various stuff goes here including the new puzzle thing I'm working on, can I turn it into a fun history learning education quiz? Also home to my gigography1 and my record collection.

At some point my CV was here, but best look on linkedin. Also looks like I had a wine database here at some point, dread to think what was in it, I am no wine buff.

I do have an rss feed for this site, which is another file that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

Elf jump game

Emu game

Flappy Eggy

Seed crush

Basket game

SVG font

Beer man

PopEx might end up here

My record collection

1. though I actually changed the urls so they're not in this misc folder any more

This is a project page, not really part of my blog or my family tree. I am a full stack web engineer, and I do mostly javascript / nodejs, some ruby, python, php etc. More about me on the blog.