Blog2024 ≫ Home Assistant Zigbee dongle stopped working

Gah, Home Assistant has been mostly great but now suddenly most of the light automations stopped working. I can still control the lights, but not via scripts and remotes and timers and things. Just the lights, and just the ones that are connected via the zigbee usb dongle directly, the original IKEA ones are still OK. But connecting them directly was the point of this, to ultimately get rid of the IKEA hub. You get a lot more control going direct. But only when itworks. Seeing this when I try to use the app:


Looks to be something causing interference, the advice is to use a USB extension lead. But I am already.

Have given it a bit of a wiggle and just got:

Failed to call service light/turn_on. Failed to send request: Request failed after 5 attempts: <Status.MAC_NO_ACK: 233>

So maybe that's progress. I'll try some more wiggling, switch it on and ooff, then try and buy a new lead, then try and buy a new dongle. Then the whole lot can go in the bin.

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