Blog2018 ≫ Got my official Park Run score

I came 71st, and got a score of 58%. This doesn't sound that great, BUT it was actually a good time for me at 24:35 full details here1. Also I can improve on this, as it's a bit of a scrap at the beginning. I could knock a minute off by just getting a good start instead of having to shuffle around people.

Here's what the 58% means, not so bad really:

Age graded Percentage guidelines as stated by the WMA Above 100% Usually, at least, a record setting performance for that age and distance 100% Approximate world record level Above 90% World Class Level Above 80% National Class Level Above 70% Regional Class Level Above 60% Local Class Level

Another two percent and I could be considered "local class level".

Took thing two to a party today in Canterbury, while Clare and thing one went into town proper and had a Wagamama. To kill more time we went to Go Outdoors, it was "in tents", geddit? They have lots of interesting stuff in there. I bought a luminous yellow reflective layer to wear when running in the dark. Seen!

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