Blog2018 ≫ Work was OK in the end

I was mostly the guy who fixed the thing.

Took a day off running yesterday, so back out today. Again, very dark, too dark to do the canal path so I went Sandgate today, but a bit further, along the Riviera private road and back along the beach, I hope that just stretches it to 5k. There is mostly street lighting going that way, but FEAR NOT, I have ordered this head torch1 so I can go anywhere after the weekend, when it will arrive.

Now I have some competition, Clare is running too! Not at the same time just yet, but she is getting warmed up so we can when we are both in New York soon.

Swimming was very positive yesterday, but maybe we should do another practice this weekend.

Did this survey and it says I drink more than people from Lithuania, possibly more than those from Belarus.

5k: Five km, about three miles in old money.

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