Blog2018 ≫ Back from Portchester

Just had a lovely two hour run back with no hold ups, though the roads were busy. Makes up for the slow three hour run we had there only yesterday! A flying visit, but lovely. Party was great, nice to see so many people, though I was a bit tired. Took the boys back home just after ten, leaving them all to it. It's bizarre the the generation below me are now adults. Not my two of course but the nephews and cousins' children and so on.

Nephew whose birthday it was was heading off to PRYZM in Portsmouth, it did not even exist when I was going out round that way. Not far from the Jalehouse, which did exist then, but is a Greggs now.

Went in to see my Nan she is not doing badly, and had lunch in The Crown, which was good. I had the quinoa salad so have room for burger and more salad later for tea.

Oh also started week nine of Couch To 5K by doing a full thirty minute run, going from Mum and Dad's to Port Solent and back, was no problem. I have got this running lark sorted. Have not been out in bad weather yet however...

Clare is not going to be back from London until about ten, they have added a trip to Buckingham Palace on to their day trip, and are going to dinner after that. I cannot think of a place that will suit the whole party, I wonder if they will go to TGI Friday.

5k: Five km, about three miles in old money.

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