Blog2018 ≫ Couch To 5K week six

As we got back early from Chessington, and I had done no exercise while we were away, time to get back on it today. This was my first time trying to run in bad weather and it was pretty hard. Only ten minutes running, then three minutes walking, then another ten minutes running, but it felt like longer... Plus the warm up either end. I did it all and did not feel tired at the end of it, I could do it again now I think, but it wasn't nice running in the rain. I was running slightly into the wind on my way out as I picked my route carefully and then had the wind slightly behind me on the way back. Not sure if it made a difference in my decision not to quit.

Next run tomorrow morning, back on the 6am shift I think.

I was actually awake at 5am today, and did not go back to sleep but didn't think I'd be able to go out and run round Chessington without questions being asked which would break my stride.

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