Blog2018 ≫ Birthday swag

I got some lovely things for my birthday, including some lovely money! I've not spent it all yet. I did spend a stack over the weekend but I did it all on my phone. I have signed up for Google Pay and been using my phone to pay for everything, very convenient. Anyway my birthday money is safe, and it's going towards a new Fitbit watch I think, probably the Versa1 (especially as I see it's twenty quid less than it was last week). I was toying with the Fitbit Ionic to get onboard GPS but it didn't get good reviews. The Versa seems like the new version of the Pebble, what am I letting myself in for..?

I also got new slippers, befitting a man of my age, and a nice shirt, and a trip to London to see Henning Wehn later in the year, looking forward to that.

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