Blog2018 ≫ There is a big old rave up on the beach

Day two of week five of Couch To 5K this morning, up at 6am for no good reason really. I could have gone out at any reasonable hour but it is part of the routine now. It was only two eight minute runs today with a five minute walk between. These are the longest runs so far but still no problem. I have a day's break and then go again on Tuesday. What will it be? I think five minutes, eight minutes, five minutes.

Lots of people on the beach today, plenty of people fishing as always but quite a few in groups with barbecues on the go. Seems unusual for this time of day, but not as unusual as the massive rave up about half way along Princes Parade. There's a gazebo and a generator and a pounding PA system. Surely they'll be moved on? They must have been very impressed by my dynamic energy and being up at that time of the morning, rather than being still up.

Just seen an ambulance go down our street though that is a less good sign.

Noises from upstairs, the boys are awake.

5k: Five kilometres, about three miles in old money.

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