Blog2018 ≫ New wheels being fitted tomorrow

I'm buying one new tyre for the EMPI 8 spoke wheels on the beetle and it's all being fitted tomorrow. At least that's the plan. Partly expecting to get to the tyre fitting place and they'll say I'm not putting those barely legal tyres on you'll have to have four new ones, which will cost too much. Already this feels a little like throwing good money after bad. I do already have the wheels, and they are currently cluttering up the house. So, suck it up, spend the money, clear the space, then think about taking it into another garage to see why it is cutting out a bit...

I'm getting used to this new "cutting out" already and can get round it by changing up or down usually, it just seems to be very sensitive to which gear it is in. So I'm managing the condition. It is slightly more like "palliative care" than actual driving.

Wait, what do I do with the old wheels and tires once the new ones are on?

UPDATE: I don't really mean tomorrow I mean Saturday don't I. Just confused because I'm going to the pub tonight. It'll probably be at least tomorrow by the time you read this, more like yesterday...

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