Blog2018 ≫ Day three week three, easy running

Up at 6am again this morning and done the last of week two of Couch To 5k. Easy again, looking forward to week three. I will start it tomorrow hopefully rather than leaving a gap as today's was not really a challenge. It's going to ramp up though, will I last the distance?

Early start today at work too as we have swimming tonight, and then the football to watch.

The Fountain is reopened again now, how long will it last? They are showing the football and having a barbecue, but I don't suppose we will get along there. Will be good to see but it has not really been a nice pub recently.

Maybe we can move the PTA drinks from the current plan of The Ship back to The Fountain again though? That would meet all the requirements.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles in old money.

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