Two pages of substitutions in our Sainsbury order

Two pages of substitutions in our Sainsbury order

Got the shopping delivered today, while Clare was out at Pump class. No, it is a sort of weight training actually. Anyway our substitutions ran onto two pages today, broken down fridges or something on these hottest days of the year meant everyone was having a nightmare delivery. Ours were ok though, different salads really, and we ended up getting a few items free nice! That's how a good day starts.

We're off to Ashford in a bit, get the boys some shoes for this hot weather, and then a Pizza Express. I don't really like heading inland in this hot weather, and I don't like going to Ashford at all, but the outlet centre itself is ok.

I don't need to buy myself anything though, I just got some free t-shirts from that conference that I'm quite pleased with. I also got some new memory foam insoles for my trainers. I bought some for the new running shoes, but tried them in my other trainers and I like them so getting them to go in every pair of shoes I own...

No running yet today, maybe later.

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Sun Jul 08 2018