Blog2018 ≫ Got the boys interested in the family tree

I had the homepage of this site open on the computer this morning, as I was up way before everyone else. They worked out where they should be on the family tree, and mostly understood why they were marked as private. The challenge then was to find the oldest person in the tree, and in climbing their way up found Robert Winter who I have down as being born in 1543 but having died in 1535. Good quality assurance skills boys!

The bug in the ages comes from me getting the death date from some website or other, but estimating the birth date from the birth dates of people further down the tree somewhere around here1. Maybe I can improve that, certainly I can look to see that the birth date and the death date are in sync...

This also reminds me, I can stop showing so many branches of the tree, if someone is unknown then chances are their parents will be too so no need to show quite so much. Hmm, do I mean branches, or roots here?

Anyway glad the boys are interested, I look forward to them doing a school project on family trees one day.

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