Blog2018 ≫ Swimming is back to normal

Swimming yesterday was sort of back to normal. I walked to the pool (often I walk home) so was there for the full session. Thing two is making good progress, he had someone in the pool with him, and he is not afraid of putting his face in the water any more. He was trying proper front crawl for the first time, but he still needs to get his head down. Still great progress from a few weeks ago. Thing one seemed to have forgotten how to breath to the side, this was the thing that got him moved up into lengths, he has taken a step backwards there, but just needs reminding of it I think. The other frustrating thing is a different teacher was teaching them how to dive in a different way. He was awesome at this a few months ago but the new teaching method is forcing him to become worse at this. We will have to go swimming asap and have a practise...

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