Blog2018 ≫ Plumber has been again

Plumber came last week to fix the leak and he came back again yesterday to replace the drippy taps, so we are all leak and drip free in the house right now. What job is next? Hmm, got lots, could do with redecorating where there was water damage caused by the leak, but I think that could lead on to a whole new en-suite really. Plumber is more than happy to advise on that, but I think I'll leave it for a bit...

I'm sure I had more to write about this week. But it's gone.

Off to the Inn Doors later, but not sure I'm meeting my buddy there today as he has family visiting. Still a nice place to be anyway, happy to sit there for a couple on my own, though there is usually someone else to chat to. It is becoming like a real local, like the kind they have in soap operas.

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