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The new regime is still in place, this must be ooh, day four of the fitter happier more productive me. No booze yet this year, if you count the year as starting from Tuesday the 3rd of January. And if you don't count Night Nurse as booze. I don't, but maybe it is really. The cold is finally gone so I have no excuse for taking any more, and I didn't have a Day Nurse this morning either.

I did 4600 steps yesterday according to my new pedometer1, 2700 of those being "aerobic". That'll be when I went out for a brisk walk at lunchtime. So that's proper exercise, not just trying to count walking back and forth to the toilet as part of the new plan.

Last night was the first little test I suppose, normally we would have a glass of wine on a Thursday, that's the start of the weekend. Tonight is a bigger test, then Saturday, then Sunday, then what if we do the pub quiz on Wednesday? Then what when we visit Mum and Dad at the weekend??? January is looking like a very long month.

UPDATE: 4600 steps is not very much2, not enough really. It's towards the upper end of a normal day, but not a lot considering I put in an extra half hour's effort there. Come on, I sit in front of a computer all day, how am I meant to do more?

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