Blog2011 ≫ Habitat Radius coffee table

Very cheap so far, collect from London, maybe I will...

Very cheap starting price on this Habitat Radius coffee table1, 99p, up to the dizzy heights of 5.50 so far. I love Habitat Radius furniture. Collect from London too. If I had room for more furniture I would.

We have loads of Habitat Radius furniture, probably a bit too much. But I'm always on the look out for a bit more. I will one day get back to posting the good ebay deals up here. My favourite piece is the tallboy, we have three of these. The others have one each, I gave up mine when thing two was born and thought "I'll replace that soon"... I like the little side tables that we have in our lounge now, but I don't really love the wardrobe, even though we have two of them. It's too square, not curved enough. I'd still love a blanket box, and I wish there was a super long version of the coffee table that I could put on the lounge wall under my TV... Anyway search here until I get back into posting my top recommendations

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