Blog2011 ≫ Good stuff today

Hipmunk flight search and free AWS cloud computing...

Hipmunk, not actually that new, but new to me, nice flight searching website, though not geared to us in the UK - don't tell me I'm flying from Horley, I'm flying from Gatwick!

AWS free usage tier free cloud computing for a year, start your dotcom now quick! with Twitter being valued at ten billion dollars get it done and sold quick before this bubble bursts.

Also, no big demo today, a weekend's grace as the big boss is not available, so Monday instead. Oh, so I have all weekend to worry about it, instead of all weekend to forget about how it went... At least it is the weekend, should be quite a lazy one I think. I am babysitting for friends tonight, but after that, not much. Now I have handed back all the borrowed painting stuff, I have an idea to do more painting. Maybe it's time to buy my own roller.

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