Blog2010 ≫ The dining table I wanted, in what looks suspiciously like our dining room

Bah no-one can read these Laura Ashley Milton Oak ads since Twitter went to OAuth...

See this table1, it is one of the dining tables I wanted, but too expensive. And look at that low starting price! Not only that but it is in what appears to be our dining room... except that the colour of the wall is wrong, and we have only paving and not grass out the back. They have the same issue that we have, we want to push the table up against the wall when it's just the two (and a half) of us eating there, only pulling it out to the middle of the room when we have a huge dinner party (which we never do). But, see, that radiator is in just the wrong place, and is just too high. Maybe we can replace that rad with a lower one or something. Anyway buy it1, collect from Ormskirk though.

No-one is reading this now I have stopped reposting to Twitter. Damn you OAuth!

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