Blog2010 ≫ Day six in the new house

Boring house update.

I started to organise the study yesterday, somehow it keeps getting bigger. When I was first plotting it out I was worried that I wouldn't be able to open the cupboard without shuffling things around, putting the chair away under the desk, but I have managed to put the two side by side. This is handy as we keep finding we have no use for furniture that we previously had in the lounge, like the bureau and two little tables. So I either have to get rid of them (I don't like to get rid of anything), or shift it down into the study, which there is just about room for now. If the room keeps growing the more times I look at it and rearrange things, then there will soon be space to put a bed in there too. A sofa bed at least.

Clare is getting quotes for window cleaners. I was outraged until she pointed out that we had one in the flat, and I had just forgotten, so the money is already spent. I am still going to experiment with putting the boy on the end of a pole to do the upstairs.

The new table has REACTED to being wiped with a damp sponge, it seems to be quite sensitive. I have to oil it I think, though all my STUFF for jobs like this got lost in the move.

Clare's mum and dad are round today doing more painting, good work fellers! As a reward you will be our first proper sit down dinner guests on Sunday.

I have two bits of post now for other people, one for the previous owner of the house and one for the previous tenant, and no forwarding addresses. Do I open them or what? One is clearly a bill, one looks like it might be an invoice for these designers1 who were running a business for the house. They are not responding to my emails, so guessing they have gone out of business.

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