Blog2010 ≫ Oh also went to Bybrook Barn today

More bloggingness.

Bybrook Barn1 a big old garden centre in Ashford on the way to Canterbury. Yeah I am old. We went there looking for a tweeting bird toy that the lady at Sing and Sign has and the boy loves, but he didn't seem bothered by those they had there. They have tonnes of other stuff though, worth a look. Lots of crap there but nice for a nose around.

I have been thinking a lot about sheds, I will need a shed in our new house. Had a quick look at sheds there, Clare suggests a very mini shed that will just about house a lawnmower without me being able to get inside. Can't be sure how big the garden is in our new house so will have to go measure up. I am positive there is not room for a decent sized shed but I hope I can have something cool without it being too intrusive. I was wondering about getting an interesting pseudo-shed for storage of man things, I would like an old phone box but that would be too expensive I'm sure. I had an idea that we could get a massive barrel, big enough to get inside and use that as a shed, do you think it's possible to get such a thing?

In other news we all have colds still.

Just waiting for the oven to go ping, and there it goes...

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