Blog2010 ≫ Water babies

Swimming was great, had a really good day yesterday

Up early yesterday for water babies in Ashford. Very small pool, it's a hydrotherapy pool in some kind of school. Very hot in there, lots of classes going on so quite crowded. The boy loved it though, and so did I.

We all got in the pool and did a few laps holding the babies upright, then holding them in swimming positions, then sang songs with them, then splashed water over their faces, then they were dunked under water! I knew this was coming but didn't expect it in the first lesson. The boy was a bit shocked by it, but he didn't gulp in lungfuls of water or anything.


Tried the same face splashing exercise at home in the bath, "[name]... ready... go", but he didn't like it at all, completely flipped out like I was waterboarding him or something. I'm looking forward to water babies again next week.

Lunch at Wagamama, amazingly slow service, think we just turned up at exactly the wrong time. Over an hour from joining the queue to getting our food. Worth waiting for, we had a two for one voucher too so cheap as chips. The boy sat up at the table with us in a high chair. For some reason they kept an exclusion zone of empty seats round us, even though it was very busy...

Watched more The Wire last night, and broke my non drinking new years resolution. My fault for going in to Karls and buying wine "not to drink now". I thought I was helping them out, business must be a bit slower in January. Ah well here's to next January, cheers!

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