Blog2009 ≫ Habitat Radius table and chairs, starting cheap!

Maybe I'll spend my premium bond win on this!

Table and chairs1, low starting price so lots of bidding already. Collect from Essex.

Perhaps I'll spend my FIVE HUNDRED POUND premium bond2 win on this! Probably I will just bank it, and celebrate by drinking one of the bottles of wine I bought today...

Went to Canterbury today, did not actually do any christmas shopping. Very busy, annoyingly so, especially as it was just me and The boy. Hard to get in shops with a buggy and no Clare to share the duties. She was babysitting a niece and nephew as her bro, his wife, father, and friend were all at Twickenham watching Barbarians vs All Blacks. I am sure they had a good time, they are carrying on the day of fun tonight with some drinks. Clare is there, but The boy and me are staying in.

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