Seasonal Italian specialities have just arrived...

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Seasonal Italian specialities have just arrived...

... at Karl's Good Food

Pannetone - Italy's traditional Christmas cake

All our pannetones are made with natural yeast and slow risen for between 24 and 48 hours. Much of the mass produced stuff is risen for only 3 hours - no time to develop any flavour! This year we are bringing you pannetones from Sorelle Nurzia, presented in beautiful Art Deco designed boxes; Albertengo, one of Italy's oldest pannetone bakers; and Fiasconaro, based in Palermo and using raisins that are macerated in the local Zibbibo and Marsala wines Torrone

Soft nougat made with hazelnuts from Piemonte and pistachios and almonds from Sicily. These come from Sorelle Nurzia, the original producer of Torrone and doing so since 1835 Marrons Glace

Single wrapped Marrons chestnuts - serious indulgence Panforte

A speciality of Siena. These are handmade round cakes packed with almonds, sugar, honey, vanilla, cinnamon and candied fruit.

Other fabulous treats include biscotti/cantucci and soft amaretti, made with ground almonds, ground peach and almond kernels, free-range egg whites and vanilla - bliss with a coffee, particularly our blend of coffee!

....and not to mention the aged balsamic vinegars from Il Borgo, one of the leading producers in Modena

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