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I'm ripping a Revolting Cocks bootleg from 1991

Bizarrely this arrived in the post the other day1 with no note or anything. There was a return address though, and from that Clare thinks it was sent to her because she signed up for something agreeing to review baby products on some parenting website. So, while Clare is out with Emma tonight I'm giving it a go, "rescuing" a bootleg video of The Revolting Cocks at London Astoria, a gig I was at in 1991. I know you can see me stagediving on the video but can not really be bothered to watch the whole thing to remember how much of me you can see. If I upload it somewhere, you can do that for me! Man alive it's a racket, I think we only went along because of all the bad press the band had got and a lot of their shows had been banned. It's not a great quality video, but it is better than this one2 that's already on youtube.

That might have been me at 22' 55''. But it might not.

Going to see what other videos I have that I might want to convert to DVD. I appear to have prioritised this gig over my own wedding video, oops.

💬 ah man having done 90 mins of ripping of that vid I think it's going to crash without saving it :-(

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