Blog2009 ≫ Nice one ERNIE!

25 premium bond win!

I had a win on the premium bonds1, and about time too! We've both been buying some by standing order for about five years now - so far the prize money is not a good alternative to bank interest I don't think. But, next time maybe it'll be the big one, this time it was a pony.

The boy had his jabs today, he was not happy. Bathtime the usual misery, he's having his last feed now then it's to bed. We have DOUBLE EGGHEADS to catch up on, as we didn't watch yesterdays as Clare was out. What the hell has happened to Countdown2? Where has it gone?

Oh also we had an energy assessor round today, that's the part of the HIP we've been waiting for, guess the flat will be officially on the market any day now.

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