Blog2009 ≫ So what animal would you NOT buy as a pet, mid swine flu pandemic?

Yup, Derrick just got a pig

Bro-in-law went out to get some chicken feed and came home with a pig. Pictures here1, you surely have to be @kmharris76 's friend on Facebook1 to see them though... Here's one:


They have chickens and ducks and things already. Reminds me of something I heard once, about why pigs and chickens are good to keep together - pigs eat chicken shit and chickens eat pig shit! Not sure that is actually true, might possibly have been on a comedy programme.

I will upload more pictures of the boy soon. He is cuter, right?

Just had a walk along The Leas and to the Mermaid cafe meeting a friend from baby club. Man alive it's hot out there. The boy grizzled most of the way there and back.

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