Blog2009 ≫ Good bath last night

The boy not me, a bath in this weather, are you mad?

The boy enjoyed his bath last night I think, kept him in there for ages, supporting his head and letting him float a bit. He likes the bath, but then gets a bit stressed when it's time to get out and get dried.

Watched more Glastonbury yesterday, looked the best lineup I can think of for a long time, lots of people I would have watched. We'll go again one day. Good to see snippets of previous Glastonburys we've actually enjoyed in person as part of the intro to Blur, [gigography]1994[/gigography] and [gigography]1998[/gigography].

Still in a heatwave here. Went to Canterbury yesterday to shop a bit and took the boy for his first Wagamama. He obviously just sat in his buggy while we ate, but he was very well behaved. Really was boiling, but we still went for coffee in Pret, seemed a good place to give the boy a feed. Clare drove us home, her first drive since he was born.

Meeting a friend from baby club on The Leas today for a walk with the baby buggies, not sure how long we'll stay out in that sun though.

Quite good sleeping last night, though I am just as tired as ever today. The boy slept for five hours on his first shift I think, quite amazing. He had three and a half ounces of milk on the feed I did at about 6am too. The boy does constantly want feeding.

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