Blog2009 ≫ Spot the deliberate missteak in our new cot

Why's that \"inside\" label on the outside???


No it's not that we've left the cot next to the radiator like that, or that an active baby could probably climb out of that window (the cot will be moved from this spot before we put the baby in it). It's not even that There's a big pile of CD's and games there to the right that I promised to get rid of months ago... Yes that's it it's that little label at the bottom of the drop side of this new Mamas and Papas cot (grateful received from my very own mama and papa, cheers) that says "inside". Why did they put this label on what was clearly going to end up being the outside of the cot???

OK, when I first assembled the cot everything was lined up right but I think the instructions were hopelessly optimistic - assemble the three fixed sides and the guide rail at the bottom but only half tighten the bolts, then somehow wiggle the adjustable dropside into place. There was no way the drop side was going to fit into both of the side runners at the same time, I had to undo everything, put the drop side into its runners first and THEN assemble the rest of the cot around it. Only two painfully crushed fingers and we're there! But now the drop side is back to front. Doesn't seem to make a difference to how it operates though. Voila! One cot!

Thanks again to Mum and Dad for buying this.

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