Went back to Escondido on Saturday

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Went back to Escondido on Saturday

Meal GOOD, but menu SHORT

Good meal in Escondido in Sandgate Saturday, bit disappointed that they STILL don't have the full menu up and running, I guess this is the future for them. They seem to have settled on a short menu, probably that is the most profitable and easiest to organise.

We had fajitas, they were nice.

Went to Gate 28 after, it was not good. Possibly there was the tail end of a party going on when we got there, quite a lot of people in anyway but a bit of an odd looking crowd to be honest. Then there was nearly some karaoke, it was packed away after one song that we couldn't quite here. Odd sort of place, it seems like it can't quite make up its mind what sort of venue it wants to be right now, I guess you have to try anything to keep a place afloat these days though.

Had quite a nice glass of wine, I think it was over seven quid though.

I should have put these comments in an all new message, attached to Gate 28, now they're not going to show up in my new twitter feed1...

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