Blog2009 ≫ Of course it's not taxed!

Didn't realise until I got home that our new car is not taxed at all, how naieve am I? Called the guy at the place I bought it from "oh no, got sixty cars here I can't keep them all taxed". So not driving it just yet, left it off road on Jim's drive while we wait for the insurance documents to come through then I can get it taxed and go out all legal like. I am covered insurance wise from today, but the policy has not arrived yet.


Didn't want to actually go anywhere in the car, maybe just drive it around for the novelty of it and let Clare get back into driving again gently, but that's not the point. I see there is a SPACE out the front of our flat right now, there is never a space, I could have got the car and left it there. Mark my territory a bit, let the neighbours know their easy reign of parking freedom is OVER! Can't be arsed now, playing on the computer looking for smart stereo solutions for the Fiesta that I can't afford while I wait for pub time. Going to The Famous Ship in at 5pm, then off to Escondido for dinner.

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