Blog2009 ≫ The rest of the weekend

As mentioend we went to Allotment and it was very good, we say we're going back there again as soon as possible, but then we do tend to say that about places, and we only go out about once a year, so we'll see just how soon it is that we get there.

The rest of Friday that I didn't fully have time to sum up, we went to The Prince Albert (somehow not in my Dover pub database, which was not very good, but just close to where we were. I think it used to be quite a good place to go, in the days when Dom lived in Dover, but it's gone downhill since then. After that, on to The Eight Bells, a Wetherspoons. I quite like it in there, and I insisted on going as I knew I would have a good choice of beer, which would start to make up for missing the beer festival. Had a couple of pints of something called BEAST, which got me well on my way I have to say. Then we headed to Blakes, which is great. Quiet, because the kind of people who might go there were at the town hall, but we had a great evening. Got chatting to some people who had been at the beer fest, and drank some beer and had a lovely time. Then we turned up at pa-in-law Jim's social club and showed him up in front of his friends, in return for us offering us a lift home. Don't mention it, any time.

Couldn't be bothered to look at houses, or cars. Disillusioned with the house market at the moment, going to put my head in the sand for a while, and hope to win the lottery or something. Cars, really got to do something soon. The one model we have our eye on seems to go very quickly in all the showrooms, will try again this weekend.

Sunday, had another mighty feed, round to Dom and Jen's for lunch which was brilliant. I love eating.

Monday night is YOGA NIGHT! No, not for me, but Clare is there. I have got the tea on and will fritter away the rest of this free hour listening to the Collings and Herrin podcast.

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