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Amazon's mp3 chart is now online, all DRM free (so when you have the mp3, it's yours to put on whatever player / computer / disk you like), and cheaper than itunes. Here's the current Amazon top twenty. Should they really have "Various" in there?

  1. Take That

    1. Kings Of Leon

    2. Snow Patrol

    3. Girls Aloud

    4. Coldplay

    5. Will Young

    6. Various

    7. The Killers

    8. Josh Groban

  2. Cast Of Mamma Mia

  3. Elbow

  4. Oasis

  5. Glen Campbell

  6. Leona Lewis

  7. Seasick Steve

  8. Il Divo

  9. Rhydian

  10. Katherine Jenkins

  11. Rihanna

  12. The Saturdays

The mp3 you get from amazon is possibly linked back to your amazon account in some way, so you obviously shouldn't buy one and then upload it to file sharing networks... Making tracks cheaply available through Amazon might be one way of tracking down uploaders...

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Sat Dec 13 2008

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