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NO WAY I absolutely HATE iTunes, particularly its user interface. MediaMonkey is better but still not quite right. I only use iTunes when I have to, grrr, stupid Apple and yet more of their crappy proprietary technology.

Have you considered getting a DNLA compliant device? And installing a DNLA server? You can again get network devices e.g. Buffalo do a DNLA server on one of their NAS devices. Just a thought, might be cheaper to do something like that.

Or just buy an old xbox for 20 GBP, stick a wireless bridge on it, soft mod it, stick XBMC on it (woo they are porting this to Linux and Windows), and stream stuff to it from your NAS or PC.

xbmc: XBox Media Centre, some software that would run on an old xbox or other computer hardware to play movies and music etc. I used to talk about this a lot...

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💬 Another friend suggested the XBox solution

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