Blog2008 ≫ Hot Leg Review - first Hot Leg Review EVER?

Was as we expected, maybe hotter, certainly smellier than I would have liked. We spent the evening secretly wishing they would play some songs that we knew - not necessarily Darkness songs, but maybe some cheeky covers, tipping their hat to their references. Didn't quite get that. Apart from the free mp3 download "Heroes", the first song that stood out was "The Power Of Love". Then next came "The Power Of Love". Yes, the Jennifer Rush version then the Huey Lewis song of that name. Then (maybe not right then, we had slipped back into the stables bar area by this point) a costume change, and "I Believe In A Thing Called Love".

Was a good gig, good to be there with friends, and meet up with more friends, some of whom we'd not seen since The Darkness were a force to be reckoned with.

Not the best gig ever, but a good gig, and the best for a while.

Some video from a chum at the gig:

Here's a full song:

And here's a clip of the Jennifer Rush cover:

Shot on some kind of thermal imaging camera obviously! His review1 - hope posting that isn't going to mess up my own extensive seo campaign...

Forgot to mention last night when I first posted this (what on earth was I doing posting, why did I not go straight to bed), Naboo the Enigma was also at the gig.

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