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Flickr already does have loads of photo editing software - they did a deal with Piknik late last year and they offer far more than Photoshop Express (in my view). Photoshop Express is just cashing in on the Photoshop brand, trying to pull consumers in on the back of that. I tried the Demo of Photoshop Express and man it was SLOW on my Core2 Duo laptop - not impressed. I hate anything embedded in flash too - but the web's going to see more and more of that as Adobe seem to be betting big time on the Flex engine in Flash. It's got some advantages too i.e. you no longer have to code for each browser quirks, and provides an almost standard interface for Flash type interfaces. Not an open standard though (yet) so hopefully it'll all die but it's popping up all over the place so I doubt it.


💬 What editing do Flickr have built in though?

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