Blog2007 ≫ Didn't go to Canterbury all weekend!

Imagine that... Overslept Sunday morning, so we went to Escondido for lunch instead. The chef got my food wrong again, so for the second time in a row mine came free, that's nice. Apparently Escondido weren't quite recovered from a disaster the previous evening when their stove broke down during peak service time, not sure how they managed to continue, but they soldiered on. It's a smashing place, especially with a discount like that...

Watched Ireland be dismissed by the Argentinians1 in the afternoon, then home for chilli and the all new Miss Marple2, which has been very good. An unusual mix of actors, including at least one culty comedian in each one. This week we had a couple of Green Wings3, last week another Green Wing and Nathan Barley and previously David Walliams has appeared.

Cold and raining now, not really keen on the idea of going to work, I'd rather sit in front of the telly with a book today.

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