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I hope it's a top one. Sultans of Ping eh? Not heard of them in a while, I am jealous! Saw The Fall at Ashton Court festival a couple of weeks ago.. they were nothing much to write home about though. Much shambling about stage, random turning up of guitars to 11 and singing into 2 microphones (when one was more than adequate) - and that was just Mark E Smith. The rest of the band were really tight though, as one might expect after a reputed 57 lineup changes ! Oh well, he was probably pissed. Kid Carpet1 was the high point earlier in the day and was very entertaining with sampler based sillyness constructed from sampling & bending the sound from electronic kids toys whilst singing over the top. Oh and sampling choices phrases from the local radio station was a definate crowd pleaser !

It's a crying shame that after many many years of exceptionally hard work by the organisers the festival has ended up finally folding2 anyway. Ah, Bristol Community Festival - I salute you ! Gone but not forgotten.

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