Blog2007 ≫ wg111 (wifi) + ubuntu (linux) still not playing nicely

Everything was good until I upgraded to the newer "Feisty Fawn" version of ubuntu, now we're back to the drawing board. I have no wifi and sometimes I have no keyboard or mouse either. If any of the following instructions (which I'm copying and pasting here for convenience) mean anything to you then you have my sympathy:

lsusb | grep NetGear

The output will show one of two devices: 0846:4240 is the v2. If you're using v1, you can follow the same steps, but the driver you install will be different.

STEP: Blacklist the existing drivers: Code:

sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

Copy and paste the following to the bottom of the file. Save it. Close it. Code:

#wg111v2 conflicting drivers blacklist islsm_pci blacklist islsm blacklist islsm_usb blacklist prism2_usb blacklist rtl8187 blacklist r8187b blacklist r8187

STEP: Download the driver from Netgear Select version 1.3 (if you're using v2). Download to your desktop. Right-click on the file and extract it to your desktop. For ease of use, rename the extracted folder to: "NetgearV2".

STEP: Configure NDISWRAPPER. Edit path as necessary. One command at a time.

sudo ndiswrapper -i ~/Desktop/NetgearV2/Driver/WIN98/net111v2.inf sudo depmod -a sudo modprobe ndiswrapper sudo ndiswrapper -m

STEP: Add the module to /etc/modules

sudo gedit /etc/modules

Copy and paste the following to the bottom of the file. Save it. Close it.


STEP: Reboot your machine. Insert your wg111v2. Confirm proper installation:

ndiswrapper -l

Now I'm on the new version I'm getting the same old "Error inserting ndiswrapper... Invalid argument" when I try to modprobe my ndiswrapper (mrs)... how on earth is a user who's less technical than me (and there must be some out there) meant to cope with this?

There is a hack out there that I used on an earlier version of the operating system, where there was an error with the version of ndiswrapper that was installed by default (1.1), and by deleting that and replacing it with ndiswrapper-1.8 everything was OK. The only searches I can find for my current problem lead me back to this same hack, BUT the newer distribution already comes with ndiswrapper-1.91, so this is no help at all.

UPDATE: even worse, now I am fast becoming the top result when searching for this error, and I have no solution still! There are still no up to date solutions on ubuntuforums.org2 as far as I can see, my specific error message regarding Error inserting ndiswrapper... Invalid argument still brings me back to a solution involving updating to a version of ndiswrapper that's older than the one I have.

Despite itchypaws' best efforts, this is giving me a headache.

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