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Great weekend visiting, eating, and drinking, very nice indeed, cheers. Not such a bad journey down to Fareham as it might have been, considering it was the bank holiday and traffic was supposed to be monstrous. Normal holdups around Hindhead and the Devil's Punchbowl, but that bad.

Good weekend all round, the weather held out for a barbecue at my sister's house on Sunday, and we went to Cafe Tusk Indian buffet1 Saturday night which was splendid. These buffet places can seem a bit grubby or greasy sometimes, but this one was really nice. Then we went to the Chav Monkey for about 10 seconds (which was not splendid), then The Crown which was potentially splendid, but actually a bit rough, then The Vanguard for the rest of the evening which was great.

We had some travel fun on the way back, as a result of that monstrous accident on the M25. We avoided the motorway and did the scenic coastal route. I thought we might go through [lost something here, this post got a bit mashed up] though we skirted right round it. We did stop for a loo break in Hastings, which was really pretty horrible, hard to believe the recent news puff pieces bigging it up. We must have missed something and only stopped in a particularly grim bit. We stopped for lunch then until we had a splendid Italian lunch in Rye, on the way. We watched Stand By Me as planned when we got it. Seen it many times, but I always forget that it's the film that breaks one of my rules - it's good film, even though it's based on a story by Stephen King. It must be the only one.

Home too late to do our groceries so not sure about lunch today, should I risk a ready meal that's six days out of date? It's only vegetable casserole.

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