Blog2007 ≫ Jesus and Mary Chain playing festivals this year

Well, they're playing Coachella1, that's in California2, think it was the first one the reformed Pixies played at and also the festival that offered the Rage Against the Machine, Smiths five million dollars. Does that lineup bode well for UK festivals? Maybe, and maybe we'll pop along to one this year. Now I am out of London and away from the music industry it'll be good to catch up.

Coachella2 also has (amongst others) Bjork, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rage Against the Machine (all of whom I saw in my first festival year, plusInterpol, Arctic Monkeys, Jarvis Cocker, Sonic Youth, Faithless, DJ Shadow, Arcade Fire, the Good, the Bad and the Queen, Travis, Kings of Leon, The Rapture, Happy Mondays, Willie Nelson, Crowded House, Placebo, Kaiser Chiefs, Damien Rice, Lily Allen, Jos Gonzlez, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, The Kooks, Mika and stacks and stacks more...

Will there be a Glastonbury this year?

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