Blog2007 ≫ Blowin' in the wind

Copy and paste from a chum1 who made it into London today. I did not, high winds and other adverse weather conditions cancelled all our trains.

we're on the 10th floor and the wind up here is nuts! the noise is incredible. I saw several people knocked over by the wind this morning outside costa - the wind funnels down between the two big buildings - a big gust completely blew them about 20 feet down the pavement. The floor to ceiling glass windows at the front of costa are bowing inwards at an alarming angle - could implode at any moment.

and then

... now we're not allowed to leave the building. the police have shut off all the roads around us and the shopping centre bit has police/security all round it stopping people going in. all because of some wind!

Nice to be inside throughout this, wish the wind wasn't howling down the chimney so though. I've found my long lost spare wifi dongle, and have plugged that into the old PC and the old PC into the telly, and am sat surfing on the sofa, with Ken Doherty2 vs Ronnie O'Sullivan3 on "picture in picture", this is the life... How can I get paid for doing this?

💬 malice quest

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