Blog2006 ≫ Fareham: NOT the worst place in the country to live

From Portsmouth today1, in reopnse to a recent survey...

Leader forces climbdown by newspapers TWO national newspapers have been forced into a climbdown by a council over stories about a survey that claimed it was the worst place in the country to buy a home. Backed by media watchdog the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), Fareham Borough Council has won a battle with the Independent on Sunday and the Daily Mail over the slight, which they both published early last month. Perplexed civic chiefs and residents alike were up in arms over the articles which referred to a survey by a property website. Surprisingly, it placed Fareham last, saying the area was plagued by high crime and unemployment levels. But both papers have published letters by Fareham council leader Sean Woodward discrediting the claims as a form of correction. They did so in agreement with the PCC after the authority complained. Fareham council leader Sean Woodward said: "I am very relieved to see these letters printed. We saw something in both newspapers that set the record straight."

Lovely weekend, all gone to quickly, will report back when less busy. The office moved over the weekend, I'm now one floor further up, big white open space with lots of windows, very light and bright, but FREEZING!

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