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So, my first day back at work after a nice summer off. So far it is just great, there's a free canteen in the building, today I had Chinese vegetables and rice and things, there was also a meaty option of red Thai curry. Now to the downside, they don't finish here until 6.30pm, which means me getting home at 9pm if I'm lucky, for the next five weeks. Trains leave Cannon Street at 17:44, 18:04, 18:30, and 18:48, hopefully I'll be able to swing onto an earlier one at some point soon. If not, not only will I be getting home just in time to go straight to bed, but I'm going to miss the quiz tomorrow at The Ship, and our literary festival event next Friday :-(

Good weekend (apart from the bus crash) which I will write up later, being busy here trying to make a good impression.

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