Lone Star Comedy mini review

FG ≫ 2006 ≫ Lone Star Comedy mini review

Went to the Lone Star Comedy1 night at Lanterns, and it was ALRIGHT! Wasn't quite the show that was advertised, but as an added bonus we got in at a discount, so it all pans out. This was a civil service special, worked out a fiver each on booking a table of 8, you might want to ask about that.

The support act was Dave Dynamite, a chav character with an annoying voice, but funny enough. A bit like Ricky Grover but less hard.

There was no open mic spot this time, this is probably good, this spot can be excruciating. So, we had more drinking and chatting time and no enthusiastic amateur trying things out on us.

The headliner wasn't Matt Welcome as advertised but Matt Kirshen, a fresh faced young comic who got the audience on his side by SHOCK POWER - he looks about eleven, you wouldn't expect him to say those things. Good work feller!

The new MC is called Dan, like the last one, but he's not as good2. Maybe he's a grower. Next comedy event is on the 18th of Feb, we'll maybe see you there at the one after that.

20k: Twenty km, just over twelve miles.

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