Blog2005 ≫ Carnage on the underground

Well hopefully no actual bloodshed, but there's been chaos on the way in this morning... Got to London Bridge to find it jammed, most of the ticket barriers closed. Eventually got through the barrier as they turned off all down the escalators - I guess to further control the flow of passengers, though an announcement claimed it was down to a power failure (didn't affect the up escalators though). Got on the tube, and heard an announcement that Bank was closed and we'd not be stopping there, but then overheard a guard radioing in saying customers had reported to him that Moorgate and Old Street were closed too... The driver's still announcing only Bank and we're ready to depart, then there's another announcement over the top of him saying everything's suspended, everybody off there are "power supply problems"... My next source of info is a lady listening to a radio on the Thameslink saying she's heard there was an explosion between Liverpool Street and Aldgate.

I'm at Farringdon now, there seem to be sirens everywhere and BBC confirm there's been an explosion. Clare's alright, she's on the bus, though first reports suggest there are walking wounded... Now there are reports of something at Kings Cross, anyone know what's really going on?

This story was being updated as I was writing it, sorry it's a mess!

Bomb damage maps are to be published, WWII stuff this time though...

UPDATE: Jings this really is serious. Why on earth were underground staff suggesting a power surge? Just to get people off the network safely and in a controlled manner? You can't trust a single announcement it seems, our journey home was disrupted (though NOTHING to what is clearly breaking now) and we were fed conflicting reports at every opportunity. Is it going to be like this every day from now on? YOU CAN HAVE THE FUCKING OLYMPICS, WE SURRENDER!

💬 A note on events, much later

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