PopEx ≫ 2005 ≫ the moldy peaches

im walking down jackson street in detroit, makin my way to maggies thrifts, and i catch the adam slippin out of an ally with some girl. they had their arms linked and he kept poking her in the side to make her jump and giggle. i freaked out, because come on, its adam, and i ran over across the street to them. i was out of breath and im like i love your music!!!! he smiled, seeming to be almost freaked out by me ( i prolly looked nuts)said "thanks, girl" gave me a peace sign and skipped off with the curly headed blonde. i died right after lol


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Celeb spotting action, not actual stalking. Gotta catch them all! Originally a popular feature of my site popex.com, so mostly from the early noughties. 99% written by other people. Hopefully now with some bonus location content that was lost for a while.